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Specialty Fuel Manufacturing

Specialty Fuel Manufacturing

NFS is one of two locations that is licensed by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to store and process high-enriched uranium (HEU). NFS understands the need to maintain and protect this extremely valuable material, and has a rigorous safety program and a highly trained security force at the facility. 

HEU is the essential fuel material for certain important defense industries. The material is used for U.S. nuclear weapons and as fuel for nuclear-powered U.S. aircraft carriers and submarines. While NFS does not produce nuclear weapons, it is the leading supplier of HEU fuel to the U.S. Navy.

NFS perfected the highly specialized process needed to transform HEU into fuel for the U.S. Navy. NFS sold the process to the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) that now holds the patent for the chemical process.

NFS expertise in HEU fuel manufacturing also led to a breakthrough process to convert government HEU material intended for nuclear weapons into low-enriched uranium (LEU) fuel (less than five percent enrichment) to power commercial reactors generating electricity. This innovation is an important asset for America’s contribution to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.

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In its 60 years of operations, NFS has processed a variety of special nuclear materials, ranging from the first commercial reactor fuel to fuel for research and small reactors that brought power to remote locations, such as the Antarctic.

NFS' broad license offers capabilities for processing HEU and LEU materials as well as other exotic materials containing radionuclides.