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Historical image from 1957


NFS was established and strategically located between the Y-12 National Security Complex in Oak Ridge, TN., and the Savannah River Site in Aiken, S.C.

Historical image from 1958


NFS produced thorium rods for America’s first commercial reactor.

Historical image from 1965


The Naval fuels production plant was constructed at the site.

Historical image from 1968


NFS produced fuel for America’s first light water breeder reactor.

Historical image from 1968


NFS delivered fuel for the U.S. Navy’s USS Nimitz aircraft carrier.

Historical image from 1969–1971


NFS manufactured mixed oxide fuel for the Southwest Experimental Fast Oxide Reactor (SEFOR).

Historical image from 1983


NFS Research and Development center validated a new naval fuel process.

Historical image from 1991


NFS was the first U.S. company to reach agreement with Russian Federation for high enriched uranium (HEU) to low enriched uranium (LEU) downblending.

Historical image from 1992


NFS partnered with Fluor for America’s largest Department of Energy (DOE) clean up at Fernald, OH.

Historical image from 1996


NFS constructed the Advanced Naval Fuel Manufacturing Facility.

Historical image from 1998


NFS used a process it designed and patented to downblend HEU to LEU.

Historical image from 2001


NFS successfully competed for a contract to downblend DOE-supplied HEU to LEU for use in Tennessee Valley Authority’s (TVA) commercial power reactors.

Historical image from 2004


NFS delivered the first downblended HEU from the Blended Low Enriched Uranium (BLEU) Project to TVA.

Historical image from 2005


BLEU Project won Global Energy Award.

Historical image from 2006


NFS is a member of the winning teams at DOE facilities - Paducah and Nevada Test Site.

Historical image from 2008


BWXT, formerly known as Babcock & Wilcox (B&W), finalized the purchase of NFS from NFS Holdings, LLC.

Historical image from 2009


NFS partnered with Westinghouse and was awarded a 12 metric tons downblending contract.

Historical image from 2014


NFS awarded two new contracts for fuel and materials services totaling up to approximately $302 million from the DOE, Naval Reactors Laboratory Field Office.

Historical image from 2016


NFS was awarded a contract valued at $241.5 million for the downblending of 10.4 metric tons of surplus HEU.

Historical image from 2017


NFS received contract totaling approximately $141.7 million for fuel manufacture, development activities, and decommissioning work in support of the nation’s nuclear submarines and aircraft carriers.

Historical image from 2017


NFS celebrated 60 years of service.

Historical image from 2017


NFS achieves 5 million work hours without a lost time injury.

Historical image from 2017


NFS pledges $100,000 in support of new Engineering program at Milligan College.